Reviews of Arza Employment Services Ltd

“Arza Employment Services Ltd has played an integral role in our staffing function for over 3 years. They have a unique understanding of our business and our organization’s culture that is exhibited each time they present a candidate to our firm. I especially appreciate ARZA’s individual approach to customer service. I have one point of contact who works with all the managers in our firm. I know I can contact who works with all the manager’s in our firm. I know I can contact Al for a status report on any of the openings or candidates. That trusted relationship keeps us coming back to ARZA for all of our hiring needs.”

-Client, Leading Transportation Firm, Vancouver area

“When other agencies call to solicit our business, I tell them they’ll have a tough time competing with ARZA. They know us, what we are looking for and how to find it. Those other companies are often “fishing” for business and are more than willing to waste my time in the process. ARZA just gets the job done. Whether I’m working with Al or one of his professional recruiters, the experience is always pleasant and efficient. They display grace under pressure, and high level of professionalism and competency.”

-Client, Manufacturing Firm, Vancouver area

“I use ARZA because ARZA delivers. The quality and caliber of their people is outstanding. ARZA knows what we need and gets it right every time. Al and his team are the best. Always professional, courteous and responsive. No long waits on hold at this office. They get it done and they do it well.”

-Client, Shipping Line-Montreal area

“ARZA makes every effort to get to know their clients. By doing so, they are able to strategically place their candidates with a company that is a good fit, creating a win-win opportunity. ARZA excels at creating partnerships in business.”

-Client, Rail Yard Facility-Vancouver area