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Resume Touch-Ups in 15 Minutes


How often do you think someone should “touch up” his/her resume? Career progression and other factors vary from one individual to another; Touch-Ups in 15 Minutes or Lesstherefore, how often a resume is updated should be each individual’s choice. Continued changes in job titles or employment tasks are indicators the resume should be updated more often, but in cases where a person’s career is a bit more stagnant or slow moving, updating the resume is probably better as a once-in-a-while project. What resume touch-ups can jobseekers do in 15 minutes or less? Integrating just a few additional keywords and sprucing up those accomplishments to include more numbers and percentages are changes people can make to their resumes in 15 minutes or less. Take this before and after examples into consideration: •POOR: Managed a growing sales team, which focused on client accounts within the healthcare industry. •BETTER: Managed ~13 sales reps, which focused on client accounts generating $13.1MM within the healthcare industry. •BEST: Managed, trained, and coached ~13 sales reps, nurturing $13.1MM in yearly revenues generated via major client accounts within the healthcare industry (e.g. John Hopkins Hospital). Simply pecking at resume content, making even the tiniest improvements, can be a good move. Think of the resume as a live being — it needs attention [on-going tender loving care] and food [good content]. Ideally, the resume is always in draft form because it’s forever being added to and improved upon

Aleem Kamal, MBA

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